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Creative inspiration and idea sharing at its best.

Why to Wow (W2W) sessions are a service of the LABOV creative department in which we present the most innovative solutions we’ve conceived for some of the world’s top brands.

We offer three W2W™ sessions per month to our clients and friends that focus on a range of topics, from the customer experience to blended learning to brand re-engineering. W2W™ sessions are a fun, interactive way to inspire your team and provide a forum for idea sharing in a relaxed and engaging setting.

A W2W™ involves:

A 45-minute presentation by our top creatives, with 15 minutes of question and answer at the end.

Why you need to do a W2W™:

A W2W session is an opportunity to see what our creative team has been up to and use it as inspiration for your team. It is not a sales pitch or capabilities presentation.

“We used LABOV’s Why 2 Wow™ as a team building exercise for our marketing group.”

“I loved the Why 2 Wow™ because it showed me how other companies are tackling challenges in some really incredible ways.”

“I’m always open to new thinking and new ideas and our internal team needed that. This was a great experience.”

Who a W2W™ is for:

Those looking to kick off a team meeting, provide their employees with an inspiring lunch and learn or motivate by using creative ideas as a springboard.

Previous Participants

Let’s get the ideas flowing.

Whether in-person at your office or ours, or via web conference, W2W™ sessions are fast-paced and highly interactive. Our creative team shares innovative solutions it has implemented in answer to business challenges that have used a variety of channels, including digital, video, print, web, social and more.

Meet the Team

Our creative team has more than 100 years combined experience developing marketing, training and communications for some of the world’s most respected brands.


Pete Piekarski

Creative Lead


Marcus McMillen

Creative Lead


Jim Buck

Technical Writer

Instructional Designer


Lucas Smith

W2W™ Coordinator


Vicki Shovek

Account Manager


Tamzen Meyer

Senior Writer

Instructional Designer